Thank you for choosing East Mountain Disposal - we appreciate your business! We are located east of Albuquerque, NM in a large area known collectively as the "East Mountains". We service these areas and their surrounding communities: Cedar Crest, Cedar Grove, Chilili, Edgewood, unincorporated areas of Moriarty & McIntosh, Sandia Park, Stanley and Tijeras. 

Our family-owned company has over 30 years of experience in the waste collection business in this area. Our staff consists of your family, friends and neighbors who live out here, who are knowledgeable about this growing area and understand the challenges we all face living in a mountain community. Our experienced drivers operate trucks that are well-equipped for the harsh weather and road conditions in this area.

We have a competitively priced selection of carts, dumpsters and Rolloff containers to suit your needs. Please call us at (505) 286-4798.

Special Notice

Universal Waste (this company purchased L. Mora Trash Hauling) - we are subcontracted to do the pick-up for this company. Please read our flyer (Click here for our Flyer) which provides helpful guidelines, more information regarding our service and our holiday schedule.

Dear Customers:

Please have your cart roadside by 7am at the latest. The pick up time varies week to week for various reasons (i.e. trips to the landfill, fuel, flat tires, etc.) and this time frame assures us that all of our customers are ready for us to service their container as soon as we start our routes.
As of 7/1/2020 -  For safety and environmental concerns, we are no longer taking any items that are not inside our EMD trash or recycling carts. The trash needs to be bagged and the lid needs to be closed (you can bungee cord it shut). Please be advised that if your carts are overloaded, they may not be serviced until the excess is removed. Call us if you are needing an additional cart, we offer a discount if you get additional carts at the same location. Our 95 gallon trash carts are $10 month each or 95 gallon recycling carts for $8.85 month each (billed quarterly).

A deposit and payment for the quarter are required on all accounts upon sign up. Cart deposit is $50 / Dumpster deposit is $100. 

A credit card fee of $3 plus tax is applicable for all payments made over the phone (this is a pass-thru fee that our credit card servicer charges to us to use their software). 

(Click here for our Flyer)

Prices for Residential Trash Service

East Mountain Disposal provides residential wheeled trash containers in four sizes (subject to availability). The size and price of the carts are shown below: Prices shown as of September 1, 2021.

95 gallon capacity is starting at $62.70 plus tax per quarter (Click here for picture)
65 gallon capacity is starting at $57.00 plus tax per quarter 
48 gallon capacity is starting at $55.50 plus tax per quarter
35 gallon capacity is starting at $52.50 plus tax per quarter

Additional 95 gallon carts are $30.00 plus tax per quarter (must be at same location)

Prices for Recycling Service

We pick up all mixed paper, cardboard, plastics 1 thru 9, tin and aluminum cans. We provide a 95 gallon Recycling cart for once a month service. The recycling cart will be emptied the last week of each month on the same day as your trash service. (Click here for our Recycling Flyer)
We cannot take glass or styrofoam. No plastic grocery bags (they bind up the sorting equipment at the recycling center).

Customers who have Trash service and want to add Recycling:
The additional charge for Recycling is $26.55 per quarter for one cart ($8.85/month) plus tax. 
(additional carts available for the same price per cart)

Customers who want only Recycling service:
The Recycling charge is $31.05 per quarter for one cart ($10.35/month) plus tax.

(additional carts available for the same price per cart). 

Commercial Dumpster Service

We provide commercial dumpsters for residential or commercial use.  
2 yard capacity starts at $171.00 plus tax per quarter. 
3 yard capacity starts at $223.41 plus tax per quarter. 
4 yard capacity starts at $281.76 plus tax per quarter. 

2 yard capacity horse manure starts at $220.00 plus tax per quarter.
3 yard capacity horse manure starts at $285.00 plus tax per quarter.
4 yard capacity horse manure starts at $360.00 plus tax per quarter.

A discount is available for extra dumpsters that are at a single location.

Rolloff Dumpster Service


We also provide commercial Rolloff containers for residential or commercial use.


Price includes delivery, pickup and landfill fees up to the maximum weight for that size container. The maximum weight is determined by the type of debris. The landfill determines the type based on the contents of each container (see below). If the weight exceeds the limits listed below for each size container, the customer will be charged an overweight fee at the landfill rate. No tires, gravel, hazardous or restricted materials. You will be required to sign our Rolloff Restriction Sheet prior to your delivery acknowledging that you understand and agree to the terms of the rental agreement.


Construction & Demolition (C&D)includes construction materials, metal, lumber, tree branches, etc.

Mixed Solid Waste (MSW) - includes household trash, furniture and any other items not considered as C&D by the landfill.

The size and price of the containers are shown below. The price is the same whether you are finished with it early or keep it for the full amount or time. (Click here for picture)

12 yard capacity is $253.00 plus tax for 15 days. Approx. measurements are 12' Long x 7.5' Wide x 4'6" Tall.

~Maximum weight is 3,000 lbs for C&D / 1,500 lbs for MSW (this is only container allowing a small amount of concrete)

15 yard capacity is $283.00 plus tax for 15 days. Approx. measurements are 12' Long x 7.5' Wide x 4'6" Tall.

~Maximum weight is 4,000 lbs for C&D / 2,000 lbs for MSW

30 yard capacity is $383.00 plus tax for 30 days. Approx. measurements are 22' Long x 7.5' Wide x 5' Tall.

~Maximum weight is 8,000 lbs for C&D / 4,000 lbs for MSW (Click here for picture)

40 yard capacity is $443.00 plus tax for 30 days. Approx. measurements are 22' Long x 7.5' Wide x 7'7" Tall.

~Maximum weight is 10,000 lbs for C&D / 5,000 lbs for MSW 

Order Service

You can order service or get more information by calling our office at 505-286-4798 or emailing us at office@eastmountaindisposal.com.

When you set up service, we will assist you in determining what size of container will suite your needs. You will be informed of your weekly pick up day and we will deliver your cart as quickly as possible. 

Holiday Schedule for 2021


2021 Pickup Schedule
East Mountain Disposal has a regular pickup schedule for all holidays except: Thanksgiving, Christmas
 and New Years Day.

Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 25, 2021 - NO SERVICE THAT DAY
Thursday stops will be picked up on Friday, November 26, 2021. 

Friday stops will be picked up on Saturday, November 27, 2021.

All other customers will be picked up on their regular day - please have your cart roadside by 7am.

Christmas is on Saturday, December 25, 2021 - NO CHANGE THAT WEEK

New Years day is on Saturday, January 1, 2022 - NO CHANGE THAT WEEK


Many of the following rules are dictated by state or county laws regulating the materials that can't be deposited in a sanitary landfill.
We can't take dead animals, tires, flammables, hazardous material/toxic chemicals (i.e. insecticides, freon, paint, motor oil). Please see our quarterly flyer for more information.
Bills are due 30 days from the billing date. The billing schedule is also on the flyer that comes with each quarterly invoice. If your invoice is not paid by the due date, your account is subject to late fees, possible interruption of service and return cart fees. We attempt to get in touch with past due customers, however, that is not always possible and it is ultimately up to the customer to make sure their account is current. Delinquent accounts may also be sent to collections. Feel free to call us with any concerns you may have. 

Methods of payment accepted:

~Personal or business checks
~Mastercard or Visa by phone (debit or credit) - there is a fee of $3 plus tax.
~Autopay using your debit or credit card. 
~Billpay through your financial institution - those typically take 10 business days to arrive since they     mail us a check. 

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

About Us

East Mountain Disposal is owned and operated by Bart and Rayne McCrite. With over 30 years of experience in the trash collection business, Bart and Rayne have developed an efficient and reliable operation. Bart prefers a hands-on approach to the business and is a working supervisor in the field. Rayne handles the sales, marketing and business side of the company.

Contact Us

East Mountain Disposal
PO Box 756
Tijeras, NM  87059
Office: 505-286-4798FAX: 
505-286-4798 (Call to arrange for FAX)

e-mail: office@eastmountaindisposal.com

Useful Phone Numbers

East Mountain/Tijeras Transfer Station 505-281-9110
ACT (for toxic materials) 505-349-5220


Give us a call. We are at your disposal !